Who doesn’t want to be happier? We often hear from our valued community - ’What can I do to keep my body and state of being consistently positive and healthy?’ The exuberant answer is exercise, even just a little bit (we’re talking as little a 5-10 minutes) every day, can make a drastic difference in a consistent, elevated state of mental and physical being. Here’s the science behind the why and how:

#1 Increased Energy

When we feel tired and drained, the last thing we want to do is exercise. However it is the best thing we can do to melt away fatigue and boost our mood. When we commit to moving our body, even if it’s just doing a 5-10 min. workout, we naturally increase blood flow. This increase in circulation of red blood cells helps deliver more oxygen throughout our bodies. We need this increase in oxygen to create more energy. As more oxygen is created, more energy is created. Therefore, after a workout you are likely to feel much more energetic. Motivation is fueled by energy and when we feel driven we achieve our goals and bathe our minds in inspired thoughts which result in elevated states of H to the PPY!

#2 Release Happy Hormones

When we exercise our brain releases four main ‘feel good’ chemicals - oxytocin (sense of connection), endorphins (help us push through the pain), serotonin (regulate mood), and dopamine (increased pleasure) just by simply moving our bodies. Its important to switch up your workouts to receive different doses of these chemicals of happiness. Challenge your coordination; try something new. These ‘new’ movements provide a rush of endorphins and often make you laugh at the same time….the ultimate element of elation.

#3 Change In Mindset

One of the easiest ways to change your mindset is physically move your body. When we exercise we change our physical biochemistry. When you change your physiology it changes your emotions and how you feel. If you are in the mindset that you just have to move a little bit each day to achieve an altered state of increased energy, you are more likely to hit the mat, search YouTube for a quick fitness video or take a short brisk walk. You’ll find that when you get started you often will want to keep going. This newfound, focused consistency will kick in your hormones of happiness even quicker.

As little as 5-10 minutes most days of the week is all you need to do to see and feel positive results. That’s less than 3 percent of your waking day and you’ll feel better for the other 97 percent. We’d say that’s a pretty good return on your investment!

Challenge yourself for a 2 week period of exercising a little bit everyday and see what your body and mind have to say. We have a feeling your happy index rises and you’ll be avidly exploring ways to add in just a little bit more.

We've got you covered…..see you on the mat!

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