ALIGN's holistic approach to fitness focuses on training the body and mind through innovative movement requiring heightened conscious control and alignment awareness. This method utilizes correlations between the mental and physical principles of conditioning, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and alignment. 

We focus on breath and creative exercise combinations that diverge from the common, rote ways of exercising. These theories and principles are used as a focusing device to shake off stress and redirect energy to preset-moment awareness while releasing vital ‘feel good’ hormones through a sense of play. This unique approach to fitness turns exercising into a fun, moving meditation that effectively conditions and sculpts the body while strengthening the focus of mind.

‘To Amy : The most patient human in the world.....my body and mind have never felt so clear. Thank you for getting me to move again.'  - Chrissy Tiegan 



ALIGN Holistic Fitness also offers Pilates, Yoga and personal training online. We will conduct an initial consultation to discuss your current fitness regime and goals as well as take a few photos to use to access your alignment with a remote digital postural analysis program. A tailored workout program will be developed based on your specific needs to create symmetry, strength and toning for your entire body.

Online sessions eliminate precious time traveling to and from the studio while still adding the accountability of committing to your workout. You just need a mat and a wifi connection via SKYPE, FaceTime or any other video calling platform for your live session from anywhere in the world.  

Please email us for package rates