I am a teacher of Pilates and a lover of outdoor adventure.  My passion is for fitness and for leading life to the fullest.

As founder of ALIGN Holistic Fitness, my goal is to help people experience a deeper level of consciousness through movement, and my love of travel has led me to realize that this can be done in many places; from luxury wellness resorts on land, to boats and surfing on water, and even in the air, with aerial yoga.

I’ve been fortunate to have explored the breadth of certifications in modalities that not only challenge the body, but focus on control of the mind. Helping people understand their alignment, and their structural anatomy, are things that help us all live more efficiently and happily. This is what ALIGN Holistic Fitness is all about.

I look forward to working with individuals, or with companies, helping to optimize the body mind connection through Pilates fitness adventures, innovative fitness programs, and posture support systems.

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'Thank you very much for your intriguing communication of pilates and your motivating style of teaching. So very often in gym classes I feel immobile and therefore lose motivation. Your teaching always is encouraging and so much fun and joy!' - Marcella from Vienna