From posture and alignment to body mind fitness fusion we have you covered with a variety of retreats to keep you fit and adventuring in style.

TOTAL BODY RENEWAL - COMO Maalifushi, Maldives

Treat your body and mind to a six-night total body renewal in the Maldives, designed to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Our fitness expert, Amy Buck, and registered nutritionist, Eve Persak,  will share curated, results-driven strategies that lay the foundation for a leaner, cleaner and stronger physique. Most importantly, they will help you integrate these techniques seamlessly and sustainably into your current lifestyle, so you can look, feel and perform your best long after your stay.


Designed to improve core strength and posture, this retreat combines a harmonising wellness holiday with a challenging, yet satisfying, Pilates programme.

This alignment focused retreat you will learn how to make the most of your Pilates training, including breathing techniques and a private postural analysis session. Amy will apply her vast experience in this field to help you correct any musculoskeletal imbalances, as well as optimising your head-to-toe alignment. with a focus on restoring your body's natural symmetry and strength.


Want to design your version of the Ultimate Pilates Fitness Adventure? We can help you tailor design your own retreat depending on where you want to go and what fitness modalities you'd like to do.

  • Dates and duration
  • Beach or mountain side
  • Dietary desires. Cocktails or detox.
  • 1-2 Pilates or fitness sessions per day (HIIT training, Antigravity yoga, TRX Standup Paddleboard Pilates, Zumba, Barre )
  • Additional Adventures : Surf lessons, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, cultural experiences, wine tastings and more.


THE ALIGN Programme with Per Van Spall

The Align program is holistic fitness for the mind and body, created by Amy Buck and Master Per van Spall. The program utilizes a potent combination of energy flow restoration, digital alignment analysis, connective tissue release, and posture focused Pilates to re-establish the body’s innate mental and muscular balance and align the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn more here.

'Amy's background in biomechanics and applied kinesiology gives her a unique depth of knowledge on movement and coordination, and her additional qualifications in resistance training, Antigravity Fitness, and Zumba bring a vibrant energy to all her classes. With a belief that anything is possible, Amy is the perfect guide for your intensive Pilates journey.' - Compare Retreats