VARIETY in your weekly workouts is the key to keep your mind in the game and your body feeling free....

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s important to to SWITCH UP your workout :

1. Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau 

Our bodies get used to same routine and become ‘efficiently lazy’ ...it’s true!

Solution : Challenge your body in a new way (adding intervals to walk/run, trying a new sport..) This switch up will demand a harder working level to adjust to the new activity, resulting in burning more calories.

2. Prevent Overuse Injuries

When we do the same motions over and over we overuse the same muscle groups and run risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Solution : Mix up your activities (Low impact HIIT, Pilates, swim/aqua jog, AntiGravity yoga) allows to give consistently overused muscles, joints, and ligaments a chance to rest and recover before putting them into action again.

3. Muscle Symmetry

Varied movements patterns = balanced musculature.

Solution : Add different props into your exercises. For example instead of ab work on the mat, use an exercise ball to target smaller stabilizing muscles.

4. Help Keep Your Brain Healthy

Exercise is essential for keeping your brain sharp and helping to prevent memory loss.

Solution : Spice in a new activity that requires some skill and memorization. Sign up for a salsa, ballroom or qigong class. The key is to choose activities that keep you engaged. You don’t need to overly exert yourself to reap the benefits of exercise for your brain and memory. Most important thing is that you have FUN. Zumlates anyone?

5. Get Excited About Exercise Again

We've all been there....the alarm goes off and we constantly would much rather hit snooze than the gym....a definite sign it’s time switch your routine up. Connect with a friend that feels the same way and motivate each other to hit the neighborhood for a brisk walk, take a new fitness fusion class together or fire up YouTube and take a fun online class (we heard Just b Active channel has some fab ones (; ) Link a few muscle group specific vids together and voila you're done! 

Remember just a little bit everyday and you are on your way to your healthy, happy, active life.

Photo by Montiel Activewear - we just love their style

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