How to Get Aligned Physically and Soulfully (5 Simple Steps)

What do you think of when you think of being in alignment? 

Does it make you instantly pull your shoulders back and hold your head high, or do you think about it on a metaphysical level of being in the flow with your dreams and living your most magnificent life?

Let’s take a closer look at how to feel the magic of alignment on a physical and soulful level using the acronym     A L I G N.


On a physical level, we all strive to be in good postural alignment. When our bones are stacked and our joints are juiced we just feel good. It’s proven that being in optimal neutral alignment improves digestion, reduces wear and tear on joints, and reduces tension headaches and low back pain. Insert the power of Pilates. Pilates keeps our bodies supple, strong, and energized. We can also utilize the ‘5 Second Rule’ to quickly and efficiently guide our body into a neutral posture. Have a peek here to learn this snazzy trick.  

For me, being in alignment on a soulful level is that intangible feeling of calm elation. It is being in the groove without physically moving. It’s a feeling of deep trust, a knowing that you are an energetic match to your deepest desires. Self-empowerment author Tony Fahkry explains it beautifully ‘Being spiritually aligned means discovering the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live by. You connect to a higher source of intelligence or power, identifying with something greater than the material world.’ 

Here are some ideas how to get and stay in soulful alignment:

  1. Live in the moment - take a deep breath right now and feel your mind and body relax into the now.
  2. Practice gratitude - being thankful is an instant passage into positivity.
  3. Awareness - the most valuable skill we can develop is directing our thoughts toward what we want. 
  4. Cultivate inspiration - take your bucket list and take a step toward making it happen everyday. This can be as simple as looking at a photo or listening to a podcast focused on the goal. 
  5. Meditate - I know, I know the resistance that can bubble up around meditation, but it’s a superhighway to an elevated vibration. 

Shzzammm there you have it. Use these actionable steps to help your body dance with gravity and your soul soak up the sweetness of being alive. Next post we’ll look at the ‘L’ in A L I G N for Lengthening - our muscles and the space between thoughts.

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