Neck Pain while doing Pilates ab exercises is one of the most common comments we hear from students new to Pilates.

This video will show you 3 simple tips to keep your neck safe while strengthening your core. Most important thing about avoiding neck pain at all times is to think about having your head balanced on your spine - this includes when flexing up.

Three Tips to Avoid Neck Pain:

1. Head Nod

2. Initiate movement from your breastbone to slide ribs to hips

3. Keep focus on abs deeply engaging the whole time flexing up, holding lift and rolling down.

Step by Step :

1. Interlace hands behind the head to create a hammock for support. Elbows wide and relaxed on ground.

2. Prepare - float elbows off ground which helps connect the shoulder blades into the back

3. Slightly nod the chin to the chest to lengthen the back of the neck. Keep appx. a fists width between chin and chest.

4. Drop the bottom of your breast bone towards floor to initiate the lift. Think about sliding the bottom of your ribs to your hips. 5. Reverse movement to come down keeping your abs engaged to lower you down.

If after applying these tips and you still experience neck pain - stop the exercise. Lower your head down to the mat.