ALIGN Responsive Spine Pillow

ALIGN Responsive Spine Pillow

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This posture support pillow holds up to its name in its adaptability, receptiveness and ease of amendment for any neck or back support your daily life demands.

Made with shaved recycled plastic from the island of Bali, this pillow can be shaped to support the head, neck and lumbar support on long flights, while sitting in front of the computer or in the car.  The Responsive Spine Pillow effectively neutralizes the spine while engaging in pilates exercises on the mat or on the reformer, in addition to helping restore and protect our planet from unwanted plastics in the environment.

  • Travel
  • Work
  • Pilates
  • Sleep

*Sorry! This product is NOT AVAILABLE currently. We produce and ship from Bali and due to COVID-19 Bali's borders are closed. Please shoot us an email if you're interested in this product and we will be sure to notify you when we are able to fulfill orders again.